Special Topics in Biophysics: Systems Biophysics of Intercellular and Extracellular Interactions


PHY 392T ‘ Graduate students and Undergraduates upon consultation with instructor

MWF 11-12 in RLM 7.120, Fall 2010

Instructor: Prof. Vernita D. Gordon

Optional texts: Physical Biology of the Cell ‘ Phillips, Kondev, Theriot
Biological Physics ‘ Nelson

The course centers on current research in biophysics, with lectures to provide background material. Lecture topics to include: DLVO theory and self-assembly; entropy and mechanics of biological materials; entropy and motility at low Reynolds number; size- and time- scales for biological structures and processes, including evolution; multicellular development and differentiation; other topics as needed. We will also cover how to read and think critically about a research journal article.
Grading will be based on discussion participation (40%), presentations of research articles (60%), and optional course project.