Avraham Beer
Avraham (Memi) Be'er
Advisor : Prof. Swinney
New location: www.bgu.ac.il/~beera

Past Research


Bacteria form large communities with a variety of complex interactions. As such a community grows, bacteria rapidly migrate over large distances, sense and respond to their local environment by secreting and absorbing peptides and other chemotactic or quorum sensing molecules, alternate their structural shapes, build bio-films, sporulate (create spores), and even kill their siblings to get nutrients (cannibalism) or better DNA (fratricide). Thus, bacterial colonies are complex systems. We have recently established a new lab and a research group for the study of complex bacterial systems.

Research Interests

1. Microbiology, biophysics, and bacterial dynamics.

2. Nanoparticles and nano-science.

3. Reactive-wetting processes.

4. Microscopic techniques.

5. Statistical analysis of nonlinear processes.

6. Thin films, clean room techniques, and photolithography.

7. Video-Computer image analysis.


Research assistant: BIU, Israel 1998-2004

Teaching Assistant: BIU, Israel 1998-2004

Lecturer: BIU, Israel 2001-2006

Postdoc: Dep. of Physical Elec. Tel Aviv, Israel 2004-2006

Postdoc: CNLD, UT, Austin TX, 2007-

Instructor: Dep. of Physics, UT, Austin TX, 2009


B.Sc. (Cum Laude): Dep. of Physics, Bar Ilan Univ. Israel 1997

M.Sc. (Magna Cum Laude): Dep. of Physics, Bar Ilan Univ. Israel 2000

Ph.D.: Dep. of Physics, Bar Ilan Univ. Israel 2004


The Rotary Award for best students (1996)

The Otto Schwartz Scholarship (2000)

The Dept of Physics fellowship for outstanding M.Sc. students (1998-2000)

Excellence in Teaching (2000-2005)

Lev Margulis Award of merit, the Israel Society for Microscopy (2003)

The Rector Award for excellence (2003)

The President Scholarship for best students (2001-2004)

The Eshkol Fellowship, Ministry of Science, Israel, Post Ph.D. (2005-2006)