In-plane magnetic anisotropy of bcc Co on GaAs(001?)

Author :Y. Z. Wu, H. F. Ding, C. Jing, D. Wu, G. L. Liu, V. Gordon, G. S. Dong, X. F. Jin, S. Zhu and K. Sun
Publication :Physical Review B
Publisher :The American Physical Society
Volume :57
Number :19
Pages :11935-11938
Year :1998

Epitaxial growth of Co on GaAs~001! and its in-plane magnetic anisotropy are studied using reflection
high-energy electron diffraction, a high-resolution transmission electron microscope, and the magneto-optical
Kerr effect. In the initial and final stages of growth, Co exists in single-crystalline body-centered-cubic ~bcc!
and hexagonal-closed-packed ~hcp! phases, respectively, while in the middle stage the coexistence of the bcc
and hcp structures is observed. For the bcc Co thin films on GaAs~001!, a fourfold in-plane magnetic anisotropy
with easy axes along the ^100& directions is realized and discussed.