Yeast Mechanics


The cytoplasm of a cell mediates important cellular functions such as intracellular transport, cell communication and cell motility. We are interested in how the organization of the cytoplasm affects or controls these functions. We use the fission yeast S. Pombe as our model system.

To probe the state of the cytoplasm, we track the motion of lipid granules native to the cytoplasm of fission yeast using single particle tracking. The fission yeast has a rigid-cell wall which provides a well-defined environment in which to study the motion of the lipid granules. As found in other cell types the granules show anomalous sub-diffusion due to the crowded environment of the cytoplasm.


Prof. Dr. Damian Brunner ‘ ¬†University of Zurich – Institute of Molecular Life Sciences

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoenger ‘ ¬†University of Colorado at Boulder – Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology