Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter

Michael Marder
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics

Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin book is a graduate-level text in condensed matter physics. It combines classic topics from solid state physics with new material of the past thirty years. It is 952 pages long, is in the second edition, and is selling for around $100.
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The second edition was printed in fall 2010, eliminating all errors reported to that time, but perhaps introducing new ones.


On page 43, the density of salt is 2.16 g/cm^3, not 4.29 g/cm^3

On page 222, exp(i k R) should be exp(i k (R+ v_n’) )

On page 502,  in Section 17.4.9, replace R_H with R_H^{-1}

An instructor’s manual with sketches of solutions to all the problems is available to instructors only, by email. It is updated for the second edition

Lecture notes in pdf format are now available at this link. I provide a gzipped tar file with the full LaTeX source of the notes and all the pictures so you can prepare your own lecture notes from them. If you want to share your lecture notes I can put them in a shared folder for instructors. If you copy or re-use figures, tables or equations, please acknowledge the source.

of zinc oxide and titanium carbide courtesy of L. A. Boatner and
Hu Longmire, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,Oak Ridge TN.
Financial assistance during preparation of this text from the National Science Foundation under grants DMR 0701373, 9877044 and 9802562 is gratefully acknowledged. Opinions expressed in the text and on these pages are those of the author and not of the National Science Foundation.