High precision and continuous optical transport using a standing wave optical line trap

Author :Vassili Demergis and Ernst-Ludwig Florin
Publication :Optics Express
Volume :19
Number :21
Year :2011

Abstract: We introduce the Standing Wave Optical Line Trap (SWOLT)
as a novel tool for precise optical manipulation and long-range transport
of nano-scale objects at low laser power. We show that positioning and
transport along the trap can be achieved by controlling the lateral component
of the scattering force while the confinement of the particles by
the gradient force remains unaffected. Multiple gold nanoparticles with a
diameter of 100nm were trapped at a power density 3 times smaller than
previously reported while their transverse fluctuations remained sufficiently
small (±36nm) to maintain the order of the particles. The SWOLT opens
new doors for sorting, mixing, and assembly of synthetic and biological