Lipid organization and the morphology of solid-like domains in phase-separating binary lipid membranes

Author :V D Gordon, P A Beales, Z Zhao, C Blake, F C MacKintosh, P D Olmsted, M E Cates, S U Egelhaaf, and W C K Poon
Publication :Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Publisher :IOP Publishing Ltd
Volume :18
Pages :L415-420
Year :2006

In multi-component lipid membranes, phase separation can lead to the
formation of domains. The morphology of fluid-like domains has been
rationalized in terms of membrane elasticity and line tension. We show that the
morphology of solid-like domains is governed by different physics, and instead
reflects the molecular ordering of the lipids. An understanding of this link opens
new possibilities for the rational design of patterned membranes.