Metascreen-Based Acoustic Passive Phased Array

Author :Yong Li, Xue Jiang, Bin Liang, Jian-chun Cheng, and Likun Zhang
Publication :Physical Review Applied
Publisher :American Physical Society
Volume :4
Number :024003
Year :2015
DOI: :

Teaser by Editor: Manipulating sound waves is key in applications such as ultrasound imaging and nondestructive testing. To this end, the authors present an acoustic phased array using a metascreen that transmits sound energy from a single source and steers the outgoing wavefront in the desired direction. Significantly, this metascreen does not itself contain any source of sound, unlike a conventional phased array with many individual sources. This passive array is therefore notably appealing for its simplicity, low cost, and good acoustic performance.

Abstract: Conventional phased arrays require a large number of sources in forming a complex wave front, resulting in complexity and a high cost to operate the individual sources. We present a passive phased array using an acoustic metascreen that transmits sound energy from a single source and steers the transmitted wave front to form the desired fields. The metascreen is composed of elements that have a discrete resolution along the screen at an order smaller than the wavelength, allowing for fine wave-front shaping beyond the paraxial approximation. The performance is verified in experiment by forming a self-bending beam. Our metascreen-based passive array with its simplicity and capability has applications in places where conventional active arrays are complex and have limitations.