Optical theorem for acoustic non-diffracting beams and application to radiation force and torque

Author :Likun Zhang and Philip L. Marston
Publication :Biomedical Optics Express
Publisher :OSA
Volume :4
Number :9
Pages :1610-1617
Year :2013
Note :DOI:10.1364/BOE.4.001610

Acoustical and optical non-diffracting beams are potentially useful for manipulating particles and larger objects. An extended optical theorem for a non-diffracting beam was given recently in the context of acoustics. The theorem relates the extinction by an object to the scattering at the forward direction of the beam’s plane wave components. Here we use this theorem to examine the extinction cross section of a sphere centered on the axis of the beam, with a non-diffracting Bessel beam as an example. The results are applied to recover the axial radiation force and torque on the sphere by the Bessel beam.