Precise spectroscopy for fundamental physics

Author :W.M. Itano, J.C. Bergquist, J.J. Bollinger, J.M. GiUigan, D.J. Heinzen, F.L. Moore, M.G. Raizen and D.J. Wineland
Publication :Hyperfine Interactions
Publisher :J.C. Baltzer AG, Science Publishers
Volume :78
Pages :211-220
Year :1993

We have applied experimental techniques that were developed for use in atomic frequency
standards and clocks to investigations of local Lorentz invariance, the linearity of quantum
mechanics, and anomalous long-range spin-dependent forces. These experiments used a hyperfine
transition in 9Be+ ions in a Penning trap. Recently, we have studied hyperf’me transitions
in 199Hg+ ions in a linear rf trap. Hg + ions might be used for similar investigations in the