Subnatural linewidth averaging for coupled atomic and cavity-mode oscillators

Author :H. J. Carmichael, R. J. Brecha, M. G. Raizen, H. J. Kimble, and P. R. Rice
Publication :Physical Review A
Volume :40
Number :10
Pages :5516-5519
Year :1989

We calculate the spontaneous-emission spectrum and the spectrum of weakly driven fluorescence for a two-level atom coupled to a resonant-cavity mode. For strong atom-cavity coupling the spectra split into two peaks that can have subnatural linewidths. If the cavity linewidth is negligible, the spontaneous-emission spectrum has half the radiative linewidth of the atom; the spectrum of weakly driven fluorescence shows an additional 36% squeezing-induced narrowing. These effects can be observed using coupled-field and collective-polarization oscillators excited in a cavity containing N two-level atoms.