Levitated Spinning Graphene

RLM 5.104
Joint Complex Quantum Systems/Nonlinear Dynamics Seminar - Bruce Kane
Laboratory of Physical Sciences, University of Maryland
Levitated Spinning Graphene

I will describe a method for levitating micron-sized few layer graphene flakes in a quadrupole ion trap. Starting from a liquid suspension containing graphene, charged flakes are injected into the trap using the electrospray ionization technique and are probed optically. At micro-torr pressures, torques from circularly polarized light cause the levitated particles to rotate at frequencies exceeding 1 MHz, which can be inferred from modulation of light scattering off the rotating flake when an electric field resonant with the rotation rate is applied. I will present possible applications of these techniques, both to fundamental measurements of the mechanical and electronic properties of graphene and to new approaches to graphene crystal growth, modification and manipulation.